Photo day needs to be enjoyed by everyone. We love our job so it’s important that you love us too. Our system is designed by ELTs so integrating with typical centre days is easy. We simply breeze through the morning capturing amazing little smiles along the way. Our team becomes part of the centre team.

To deliver a product that no one else can match relies on some very important human beings. Our incredible photographers. These guys aren’t just someone who has had in interest in photography for a while or used to play with cameras in high school, our chosen few are professional wedding and portrait photographers, already leaders in their field. This industry needs quick, fast photographers who are amazing with people and who can organise things. Let’s face it, a typical day at childcare never goes to plan so the ability to handle things professionally and light heartedly is paramount to our success. Enter, our team of amazing photographers.



Put simply, we take care of everything. We will provide centres with all the marketing emails, posters and flyers to families to ensure that everyone knows we’re coming. So parents can start to organise photo outifts! Our exclusive online system takes care of all the registrations, Pre-payments, online viewing and reordering post shoot too. In fact, centre staff don’t need to do anything but have a bit of fun on the day. There’s no money collections and reording. Surely educators have enough to do!

On photo day, we will photograph everyone. Fun poses, cute poses and all sorts of out-takes. This is an activity and not just a photo day so everyone will be involved in individual portrait sessions and of course the class photos. After each photo day, our production team will choose the best four images of each child for processing and printing, ready to be returned back to the centre within three weeks.

We offer a very simple prepay system with plenty of incentives or, parents can view and purchase online once the Photo Day packs have been returned (three weeks) Individual print prices start from less than $10 and Photo Day packs for less than $50 For more details please click here.

And lastly and most importantly, we offer a HappyParent Guarantee. Who knows what can happen on photo day so we’ve decided to add a little more comfort to prepaying for photos by offering a 100% money back guarantee or, we reshoot. Families and centres love our HappyParent Guarantee! It ensures that parents have professional photo memories from early childhood days.



We are leading the field in online viewing for parents. Safe, secure and exclusive. We have spent the best part of three years developing our own platform that no other photographic company can compare with. Why, because our galleries are exclusive to each family. Most online systems show all children who attend the centre and this just isn’t right. Parent’s shouldn’t be able to see every child who attends a centre and purchase other’s kids photos. That’s a definite breach of confidentiality. Plus, families don’t need to jump through hoops, supply their finer details and have retna scans to see their child’s pics. Our system is built by us, maintained by us and secured by Australian servers that just know how to keep things safe.

Our HappyPics gallery, hosted at also give families the ability to manage their images, keep up to date with our new products and specails and purchase products securely at anytime. We are the leaders in this industry and other photography companies don’t even come close. Plus, there’s always someone on the other end of the phone at our office to help parents and centres with any questions they have. Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to someone.


HappyPics offers a variety of photographic services to childcare and preschools. As well as our annual PhotoDays, we have Christmas themed shoots, Graduation shoots and Family Portrait days available. Order a sample pack today so you can see what our products and phtoos are like first hand. Order here


Work with the best childcare photographers that guarantee 100% happy parents.


Photo day is usually one of those events that early learning centres dread. But not anymore! We have created a unique system when it comes to annual kindy photos, guaranteed to leave everyone smiling.

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  • Here at Brookvale we have not offered children's photos for the past three years and the reason for this is that I have been looking for something different.I highly recommend HappyPics.

    Director Explore & Develop Brookvale
  • Your photos are amazing - Every single child looks incredible, even the ones I didn't think you'd get good shots of! Every parent loves them. I haven't heard a bad thing.

    21C Owl & The Pussycat Brookvale
  • We have received my son Charlie's preschool photos and they are just beautiful! Thank you!

    Megan Ku South Turramurra Parent


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