We have a lot of exciting new things happening this year. HappyPics is always evolving and learning what centres want.ย  And this is done simply by listening, asking questions and finding out what is important to your families. There’s a lot of trust involved in childcare photography and the relationship starts here ๐Ÿ™‚

So, here’s ten reasons why HappyPics can make a difference to your families and Photo Day for 2019

  • We photograph every child enrolled at your centre. Whether they prepay or not Photo Day should be a fun time that everyone gets to experience.
  • Each child will have four different individual photographs taken of them. Not just one or two (or 6- who needs 6)
  • No additional cost for sibling photos and packs.
  • Our business model is online. This means payments, orders, reorders etc. are all done through our exclusive, secure system.
  • We are a dedicated childcare photography company and not a wedding or school photographer looking for extra work.
  • We offer a HappyParent guarantee. Basically parents love the photos or we refund/reshoot
  • All educators are photographed free and we supply printed and digital versions too.
  • Guaranteed three week turnaround. From the last day of shooting to the Photo Day packs being delivered.
  • Dedicated customer service staff who manage your families every question and request. So you don’t have to
  • A centre rewards program to help fund some additional activities, products, or staff meetings ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Graduation, Christmas and Family Portrait themed shoots available throughout the year.
  • Packages that start from less than $50 and, products ordered online post-shoot for less than $10. No obligation to buy and something for any budget.

(That’s twelve reasons but we often under promise and over deliver)

If you would like to see a sample pack, we’d like to send you one. You can then get a good idea of the quality of our product and photography first hand.



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