It’s time to be your own boss folks!


A career in childcare photography gives you a mix of professional and fun!

HappyPics Photography is family owned and family run. We are a dedicated childcare photography company with the focus to create lifestyle portraits of kids in childcare. Our uniquely created system allows us to be flexible and give every child a chance to shine. It’s extremely rewarding to produce a product that captures an important time in people’s lives and that is exactly what we train you to do. All you need is the ability to work with children and an energetic attitude, we can supply the rest!
We will be with our franchisees every step of the way to ensure an investment in HappyPics is a successful one.

With over 15 years of photographic experience within the childcare industry, HappyPics is more than a recent invention. “Some of our training involves hoping on one leg while singing a Wiggles hit, holding a camera in one hand and a puppet in the other…….. And I’m not joking”  Director Clayton Walker explains Read more ……..

Everything about a HappyPics franchise is exclusive. Your customers, online viewing platform, CRM, Printing lab and production. It’s all designed, developed and maintained by us so your customers get the very best experience. This approach ensures franchisees have the greatest potential to create a successful new career.

With just 60 HappyPics franchises available Australia wide and only 12 in Sydney Metro, we are interviewing now for the right people to join our team.

Here’s five reasons for filling out this form;

  1. You need a new challenge in your career
  2. You’re ready to go back to work after being an amazing parent
  3. You’ve always had a passion for photography since, blah, blah, blah
  4. You see this as a good business opportunity to work the hours you want and to do something that makes you proud.
  5. You’re curious or nosey or both


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