Our aim is to shake things up a little, without recreating the wheel!

It’s not until you receive your own kids school photos that you realise why they haven’t changed in 30 years!  School photos are a keepsake. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be a little creative.

Why we’re different

HappyPics School photography offers two different poses for each child. We love the traditional pose we all had ourselves, but what about the shoes and socks? That’s why we’ve added some variety.

  • More modern looking background and lighting technique to bring the kids into this era
  • Guaranteed three week turnaround because, we keep our promises.
  • Flexible options for sibling photos.
  • Simple packages that parents want, and nothing that they don’t.

It’s time for a change.

Packages Available

Best Value Pack

Most Popular Pack

Class Photo Only & Sib Pack

Teams & Extra Classes

Contact Us

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